Samadhi Retreat

Samadhi is a Sanskrit term that refers to a higher level of concentrated meditation resulting in a state of bliss. It comes from “sam” meaning together or integrated, “a” meaning towards, and “dhi” meaning to get, to hold. Thus, to obtain a state of Samadhi one may transcend to acquiring integration, wholeness, or truth. We feel this consummately describes the essence one captures while immersed in the sanctuary of the Samadhi Retreat.

The Samadhi Retreat is a one bedroom, two storey cottage which is ideal for a romantic getaway, thus, we refer to it as our “honeymoon”

In Buddhism, Shanti’s Sanskrit meaning translates to peace, rest, calmness, tranquillity, or bliss. The poet Thomas Sterns Eliot translated it as “the peace which passeth understanding”. If the literary great were around today, we’re sure he’d find no better word to describe an interlude in our Shanti Retreat.

Perfect for two friends, or two couples, the Shanti Retreat transcends peace of mind. With a generous two storey expanse, three or four guests will enjoy both intimacy and privacy. The main floor features a full kitchen, large bathroom with rain shower, and bountiful living space. If the skies have opened and Byron is misty, it’s a perfect space to lounge and enjoy sport or one of our movie channels. Two Queen size bedrooms and a full bathroom with

The name Sarita means princess in Hebrew. In Sanskrit, it refers to “fluent, flowing” or river. Sarita is also the name of a preserved female Inca mummy, believed to have been sacrificed to the gods, discovered in the mountains of Peru. Why not enjoy an interlude in Sarita and feel like royalty? Befittingly named as our largest cottage is located on the river side of the property, facing the fluent, flowing Belongil Creek.

Our largest and most versatile cottage, Sarita sleeps up to five guests. It’s perfect for a family getaway, or a friends retreat. Elevated into the treetops, the main floor features a large living space and full bathroom

Shiva is a famous Hindu deity and is regarded as the most powerful god in Hinduism. A yogi who takes notice of everything that happens in the world, he is a creator, preserver, destroyer, and revealer. Our newly renovated Shiva Retreat is perfect for aspiring or practiced yogis.

The Shiva Retreat features a queen size bed, living space, kitchenette, & en-suite bathroom. Enjoy Foxtel or a DVD in your living space on your cimena-style projector screen. Guests enjoy the unique loft-style reading area complete with bean bag chairs. Modern and Zen, the Retreat is cocooned in rainforest.